France Photo of the Day
Provence – August 15
Provence - August 15

Lavender field in Provence .

Lempaut – August 15
Lempaut - August 15

A seller at a Vide Grenier (“clean the attic”), held on Sundays in different towns. This was taken in the village of Lempaut.

Soreze – August 14
Soreze - August 14

Sweet light of morning in Soreze. A photographer’s delight.

Durfort – August 11
Durfort - August 11

Durfort at night. Who is the mystery shadow lurking in the dark?

Durfort – August 10
Durfort - August 10

Beautiful French countryside.

Durfort – August 9
Durfort - August 9

Just a lovely French “flower arrangement”

Durfort – August 8
Durfort - August 8

Today it rained in Durfort, where we are taking cooking lessons for a week. This is a branch of a fig tree in the back yard.

Revel – August 7
Revel - August 7

Today was a visit to a local cheese maker in Revel. This is Paul, the cheese master, The shop is called Marzac. Opened in 2008 in an area of France without a history of cheese making or the government control of what is made in the region. The cheese is made from milk of cows, […]

Marciac – August 4
Marciac - August 4

Al Jarreau

Marciac August 3
Marciac August 3

Wynton Marsalis at Jazz in Marciac. Amazing performance with his quintet and The Sachal Jazz Ensemble from Pakistan.

Marciac – August 2
Marciac - August 2

We are in Marciac France for the 36th Annual Jazz In Marciac festival. Marciac is a small town in Southwest France in the Midi-Pyrenees region. Here is one of the performers from the afternoon free concert.